To be involved with Anatomy Nights we ask all participants to abide by the following:-

  • Events will be held in a publicly accessible place, ideally a pub or a club, not a University location.
  • Events will be led by an anatomist.
  • All dissections will be of animal tissue and this fact will be clearly displayed on any advertising material.
  • All profits will go to a relevant charity.
  • All advertising will contain the Anatomy Nights logo.
  • Events will normally be coordinated so that they occur within a reasonable time of each other unless they are stand alone events as part of a science festival.
  • All social media posts will be written in such a way that it can not be misconstrued that the dissections are anything other than animal in origin. i.e. not ‘live’ dissections from a medical school without clearly stating that they are on animal organs.
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